Hardy Glass Fly Rod

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  • Classic feel blended with modern performance
  • Tapered cork handle, complete with classic British styling
  • Easy loading nature for a highly controlled presentation
  • Made from 90% glass fiber and 10% carbon
  • Composite material provides a well-dampened and controlled recovery
  • Perfect for angling in tight, technical situations such as small streams

All Hardy rods are covered by a Worldwide Extended Warranty (if the rod is registered within 60 days of purchase).

Hardy Glass Fly Rod


It's not often that a modern rod is made from 90% glass fiber, but that's exactly what Hardy decided to do with the Hardy Glass fly rod. Not only that, but the rod turns out to be highly precise, accurate and sensitive.

The Hardy Glass fly rod might seem like a throwback to the 1960s, but glass fiber has a number of advantages. The main benefit of a composite glass fiber and carbon rod is additional strength and impact resistance. If you love fishing in tough, isolated rivers, then the Hardy Glass fly rod could be the perfect option.

The mix of carbon and glass, with a 10/90 ratio in favor of glass fiber, creates an incredibly smooth action that's a pleasure to cast. The rod's recovery is also controlled and well dampened. This combination allows for highly precise short range casting, making the rod perfect for tight situations.

Other features of the Hardy Glass fly rod include a sliding reel fitting, classic English styling and a cork handle. Hardy Glass rods have lightweight, durable blanks for both easy casting and durability. The rod also comes with a canvas cover and alloy tube as part of the deal, and is covered by Hardy's Worldwide Extended Warranty (WEW).
Drop Ship Yes
Ship Days in 1-2 days
Backorderable Backorderable
Action Medium-Slow
Flex N/A
Grip Type Single Handed
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Model Handle Length Line Weight Action Weight Price  
Hardy Glass Aln 5' #2 2pc MRHW 5' 2 Slow 1.5 $325.00
Hardy Glass Aln 5' #2 2pc Fly Rod
Hardy Glass Brook 6' #3 2pc MRHW 6' 3 Slow 2.3 $349.00
Hardy Glass Brook 6' #3 2pc Fly Rod
Hardy Glass Stream 7' #3 2pc MRHW 7' 3 Slow 3.0 $375.00
Hardy Glass Stream 7' #3 2pc Fly Rod
Hardy Glass Test 7'6" #4 2pc MRHW 7'6'' 4 Slow 3.2 $395.00
Hardy Glass Test 7'6" #4 2pc Fly Rod
Hardy Glass Trout Fisher 8' #5 2pc MRHW 8' 5 Slow 3.4 $425.00
Hardy Glass Trout Fisher 8' #5 2pc Fly Rod