Greys XF2 Streamflex Plus Fly Rod

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  • "Two in one" rod extension system
  • Eliminates the need to carry multiple rods when stream fishing
  • Standard length of 9'6", extends into a 10' rod in just a few seconds
  • Extension can be deployed without rethreading
  • High modulus material for fast line speeds
  • Reversed half-wells grip

Greys fly fishing rods are covered by a worldwide extended warranty.

Greys XF2 Streamflex Plus Fly Rod


Never miss a fleeting stream fishing opportunity again! Conditions can change quickly in streams, and if you're using two rods it's easy to miss a chance. The Greys XF2 Streamflex has been designed to eliminate missed opportunities without needing a second rod. With an extendable tip and excellent all round performance, this rod can quickly adapt to changing conditions.

The Greys XF2 Streamflex Plus extension system, which is held in the butt of the rod, increases the length by 6". When needed, the rod can be extended without rethreading the line and only takes a few seconds. If you need a rod that can rapidly change length then the Greys XF2 Streamflex Plus fly rod is the perfect option.

Aside from its extension section, the Greys XF2 Streamflex Plus fly rod is a fantastic all-round series. With its high modulus, four piece design and cork and composite handle the rod is capable of fast line speeds and excellent stream fishing performance.

The Greys XF2 Streamflex Plus comes with a matte finish and Gunsmoke rings. 3- to 5-line weights are available, and each rod comes with a reversed half-wells grip. The reel seat is custom designed and made from anodized alloy, and a carbon reel seat spacer is used. This reduces the overall weight of the rod and makes it a pleasure to cast all day long. A Cordura tube is included with the Greys XF2 Streamflex Plus fly rod.
Drop Ship Yes
Ship Days in 1-2 days
Grip Type Single Handed
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