TFO Soft Hackle Tenkara Fly Rod
  • Straightforward rod that's built for precise casting
  • Available with both fast and slow actions
  • Based on a traditional Japanese fishing method using only a fly, rod and line
  • Intuitive performance for precise fly manipulation
  • Telescopic rod that shrinks down to approximately 20 inches
  • Ideal for backpacking and fishing trips

The TFO Soft Hackle Tenkara fly rod is covered by a Lifetime No-Fault warranty.

TFO Soft Hackle Tenkara Rods

If you need a precise, accurate rod without the extra frills then the TFO Soft Hackle Tenkara fly rod could be the ideal option. Based on traditional Japanese fishing, the rod is designed to provide excellent precision, subtle presentations and delicate fly adjustments. The rod is also an affordable option, despite its strong performance and superb precision.

The TFO Soft Hackle Tenkara fly rod is available with both fast and slow actions to suit your casting style. The slow action model is slightly longer than the fast action but costs the same. Both models of the rod come with a cigar handle.

If you love spending time away from civilization when fishing, the TFO Soft Hackle Tenkara fly rod could be the perfect choice. With its telescopic design that shrinks down to 20.5 inches, the rod is ideal for fitting in a backpack or other bag. The simplistic construction of the rod not only gives you complete control over presentation, but also means fewer parts to potentially break. When you're on a long fishing trip, this simplicity is a major advantage over more complex rods.

A spare tip and second section are included with the TFO Soft Hackle Tenkara fly rod. The rod sock is designed with a line holder, making it easy to keep your line organized when it's not being used. Original owners are covered by a lifetime no-fault warranty.
Drop Ship Yes
Ship Days in 3-5 days
Backorderable Available
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Customer Reviews

Perfect for getting kids into fly fishing Review by Ed
I bought this outfit for my teenage son who has difficulty with fine motor skills. This outfit simplifies fishing to its bare essentials: a rod, a moderate length line, and a fly. There is no line management to worry about, no reel, just a cast and a drift. It was heartwarming to see my son catching his own trout the first time he used it. For the first time ever he enjoys going fishing. Posted on 10/10/14

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Model Handle Length Line Weight Action Weight Price  
TFO Soft Hackle Tenkara 106 Cigar 10'6'' Fast $224.95
TFO Soft Hackle Tenkara 106 Fly Rod
TFO Soft Hackle Tenkara 116 Cigar 11'6'' Slow $224.95
TFO Soft Hackle Tenkara 116 Fly Rod