Scott A4 Fly Rod

Handcrafted from start to finish in Montrose, Colorado by the skilled artisans at Scott, A4 rods feature many of the technological and process innovations in top end Scott rods.

The blanks are designed and rolled with multi-modulus lay ups on compound taper mandrels, and are connected using Scott's industry leading low mass sleeve ferrule design.

A4 rods are smooth casting high line speed rods with very low physical weights. They recover very quickly and cast flat, precise loops, yet load progressively and transmit feel extremely well.

Like all Scott rods, design and craftsmanship are more than just blank design. Components and construction were carefully chosen to deliver top performance with the anglers needs in mind.

New grip shapes were turned from Super grade cork to provide greater feel, TiCh coated reel seats with self aligning slide hoods make rigging easy and protect the hardware from harsh elements, and TiCh stripping guides feature SiC inserts.

A4 rods cover a wide variety of fishing situations from small creeks to inshore and saltwater flats.

  • Multi-Modulus Design for fine-tuned flex and recovery
  • Natural Finish-Naturally stronger, naturally lighter
  • Handcrafted in the USA - Built from beginning to end in Montrose, Colorado.

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Ship Days in 3-5 days
Backorderable Available
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Scott A4 Fly Rod Reviews

Great All Around Rod Review by Richard
Posted on 11/3/15
I bought the Scott A4 905/4 and really enjoy this rod. It is the best 5 wt. fly rod that I have ever cast and handles dry flies, nymphs and streamers as well or better than some higher priced rods. If you want a great all-around fly rod that casts very well at short and medium distances and not bad beyond 60', than this is highly recommended.
Awesome Rod Review by Richard
Posted on 11/3/15
I bought the Scott A4 904/4 and could not be happier with this rod. After a short time of getting the hang of casting this rod, I could not make a bad cast. It handles dry flies like it was made for them, yet will handle nymphs just fine if need be. It casts short distances o.k., but is awesome from 25' to 40'. Highly recommend this rod.

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Model Handle Length Line Weight Action Weight Price  
Scott A4 753/4 Reversed Half-Wells 7'6'' 3 Fast $395.00
Scott A4 753/4 Fly Rod
Scott A4 803/4 Reversed Half-Wells 8' 3 Fast $395.00
Scott A4 803/4 Fly Rod
Scott A4 804/4 Reversed Half-Wells 8' 4 Fast $395.00
Scott A4 804/4 Fly Rod
Scott A4 854/4 Reversed Half-Wells 8'6'' 4 Fast $395.00
Scott A4 854/4 Fly Rod
Scott A4 855/4 Reversed Half-Wells 8'6'' 5 Fast $395.00
Scott A4 855/4 Fly Rod
Scott A4 904/4 Reversed Half-Wells 9' 4 Fast $395.00
Scott A4 904/4 Fly Rod
Scott A4 905/4 Reversed Half-Wells 9' 5 Fast $395.00
Scott A4 905/4 Fly Rod
Scott A4 905/4W Full Wells 9' 5 Fast $425.00
Scott A4 905/4W Fly Rod
Scott A4 906/4 Reversed Half-Wells 9' 6 Fast $395.00
Scott A4 906/4 Fly Rod
Scott A4 907/4 Full Wells w/Fighting Butt 9' 7 Fast $395.00
Scott A4 907/4 Fly Rod
Scott A4 908/4 Full Wells w/Fighting Butt 9' 8 Fast $395.00
Scott A4 908/4 Fly Rod
Scott A4 909/4 Full Wells w/Fighting Butt 9' 9 Fast $395.00
Scott A4 909/4 Fly Rod
Scott A4 9010/4 Full Wells w/Fighting Butt 9' 10 Fast $395.00
Scott A4 9010/4 Fly Rod
Scott A4 9012/4 Full Wells w/Fighting Butt 9' 12 Fast $395.00
Scott A4 9012/4 Fly Rod
Scott A4 956/4 Full Wells w/Fighting Butt 9'6'' 6 Fast $395.00
Scott A4 956/4 Fly Rod
Scott A4 957/4 Full Wells w/Fighting Butt 9'6'' 7 Fast $395.00
Scott A4 957/4 Fly Rod
Scott A4 958/4 Full Wells w/Fighting Butt 9'6'' 8 Fast $395.00
Scott A4 958/4 Fly Rod
Scott A4 1004/4 Full Wells w/Fighting Butt 10' 4 Fast $395.00
Scott A4 1004/4 Fly Rod
Scott A4 1005/4 Full Wells w/Fighting Butt 10' 5 Fast $395.00
Scott A4 1005/4 Fly Rod
Scott A4 1006/4 Full Wells w/Fighting Butt 10' 6 Fast $395.00
Scott A4 1006/4 Fly Rod
Scott A4 1007/4 Full Wells w/Fighting Butt 10' 7 Fast $395.00
Scott A4 1007/4 Fly Rod
Scott A4 1008/4 Full Wells w/Fighting Butt 10' 8 Fast $395.00
Scott A4 1008/4 Fly Rod
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