Redington Prospector Fly Rod
  • Designed specifically for two-handed casters
  • Both spey and switch models available
  • Enough raw power to cast the heaviest tips and flies
  • Red Core construction increases durability
  • Lighter switch models are perfect for trout fishing
  • Heavier models suitable for steelhead and salmon anglers

All Redington fly rods are backed by a lifetime warranty for the original owner.

Redington Prospector Fly Rod


The Redington Prospector fly rod series is specifically designed for anglers who like to cast two-handed. With a medium-fast action and range of line weights, the Prospector series is a versatile rod with an affordable price tag. Both Redington Prospector spey rods and switch rods are available.

The Spey models are designed for steelhead and salmon anglers. If you need extra power for casting heavy flies over long distances, Redington Prospector spey rods are a good choice. The switch models are designed with versatility in mind, and have excellent "fishability."

Lighter Redington Prospector switch rods are adept at trout fishing. These models can cast streamers two handed and heavy nymph rigs single handed. The rods offer exceptionally versatile casting performance.

The Redington Prospector fly rod has a medium-fast action, and is constructed with Red Core for extra durability and power. Considering the affordable price of both Redington Prospector spey and switch rods, the casting performance is excellent. Line weights of 5-8 are available for the Redington Prospector switch rod, while the Spey version is available in weights of 6-8.

Other features of the Redington Prospector fly rod include a black reel seat, custom cork handles and alignment dots so the rod is easy to set up. The cork handles also have a composite cork trim. A durable cordura rod tube is included, along with a black suede rod bag. As with all Redington rods, the Prospector series is covered by a Lifetime Warranty for the initial owner.
Drop Ship Yes
Ship Days in 3-5 days
Backorderable Available
Flex N/A
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Model Handle Length Line Weight Action Weight Price  
Redington CPX Two-Handed 6126-4 Two-Handed Spey 12'6'' 6 Fast 6.8 $270.00
Redington Prospector 6126-4 Fly Rod
Redington CPX Two-Handed 7129-4 Two-Handed Spey 13' 7 Fast 7.4 $270.00
Redington Prospector 7130-4 Fly Rod
Redington CPX Two-Handed 8133-4 Two-Handed Spey 13'6'' 8 Fast 8.1 $270.00
Redington Prospector 8136-4 Fly Rod
Redington CPX Two-Handed 5106-4 Two Handed Switch 11' 5 Fast 5.4 $270.00
Redington Prospector 5110-4 Fly Rod
Redington CPX Two-Handed 6106-4 Two Handed Switch 11' 6 Fast 5.6 $270.00
Redington Prospector 6110-4 Fly Rod
Redington CPX Two-Handed 7113-4 Two Handed Switch 11'3'' 7 Fast 5.8 $270.00
Redington Prospector 7113-4 Fly Rod
Redington CPX Two-Handed 8113-4 Two Handed Switch 11'9'' 8 Fast 6.3 $270.00
Redington Prospector 8119-4 Fly Rod