Mystic Reaper Fly Rod

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Final proof that price does not always equal value! The Reaper series of rod from Mystic is a true tip-flex fast action rod designed to compete with the best fast action rods on the market. By utilizing modern multi-modulus blank lay ups we were able to create a rod with a very supple tip capable of protecting light tippet while at the same time having immense power through the middle and lower sections of the blank. Like all Mystic rods, the Reaper is true to line size and salt water safe. The end result is a rocket launcher of a rod that redefines what "fast action" should really be all about. This series of rod is offered in line sizes from a delicate 3 weight designed with Brook Trout in mind to a 10 weight powerhouse capable handling trophy class Northern Pike and Muskie.

Mystic Reaper Rods

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Model Handle Length Line Weight Action Weight Price  
Mystic Reaper 380-4 8' 3 Fast $229.00
Mystic Reaper 380-4 Fly Rod
Mystic Reaper 490-4 9' 4 Fast $229.00
Mystic Reaper 490-4 Fly Rod
Mystic Reaper 590-4 9' 5 Fast $229.00
Mystic Reaper 590-4 Fly Rod
Mystic Reaper 690-4 9' 6 Fast $229.00
Mystic Reaper 690-4 Fly Rod
Mystic Reaper 790-4 9' 7 Fast $249.00
Mystic Reaper 790-4 Fly Rod
Mystic Reaper 7100-4 10' 7 Fast $249.00
Mystic Reaper 7100-4 Fly Rod
Mystic Reaper 890-4 9' 8 Fast $249.00
Mystic Reaper 890-4 Fly Rod
Mystic Reaper 8100-4 10' 8 Fast $249.00
Mystic Reaper 8100-4 Fly Rod
Mystic Reaper 1090-4 9' 10 Fast $249.00
Mystic Reaper 1090-4 Fly Rod