Hardy Bros. Perfect Diamond Jubilee Reel - Left Hand Retrieve

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  • Limited edition of 250 reels worldwide
  • Designed, developed and manufactured at Hardy Bros., Alnwick England
  • 3 1/4 inch model
  • Red agate line guard set in a handmade nickel silver housing
  • Anodised ‘Diamond' Silver hand polished finish
  • Hard Black Leather ‘Made in England' Horseshoe reel case
  • Special commemorative engraving on the Winding Plate
  • Hand blued tongue bridge
  • Supplied with a commemorative limited edition collectors ‘Hardy Bros' medallion

Hardy Bros. Perfect Diamond Jubilee Reel - Left Hand Retrieve


Limited to 250 reels worldwide - it's the ultimate collectors' reel.

In 1912, Hardy Bros. introduced a new and improved variation of their ‘floating pawl' check and regulator system into their already famous Perfect reels. This new variation on the ‘floating pawl' system has since become widely known as the ‘1912 pattern check' and was incorporated into all Hardy Perfect reels made between late 1911 and the latter part of 1916.

It is widely regarded as the most visual and wide ranging check system that Hardy Bros have ever made; the original's being highly sought after on the secondary market.

100 years on, here at Hardy Bros we have decided to incorporate this ‘1912 pattern check' into a Limited Edition run of 250 reels which commemorate The Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the 140th anniversary of Hardy Bros., and marking 100 years since the introduction of the ‘1912 pattern check'.

Ship Days in 1-2 days
Backorderable Backorderable
Diameter 3.25"
Line Weight 4, 5, 6, 7
Arbor Size Standard
Base Image /h/a/hardy-perfect-diamond-jubilee-reel-config-1.jpg