Lamson Speedster Fly Reel
  • Lamson calls its new Speedster “A Hotrod of a reel” and without question this reel has overdrive.
  • The crazy-smart Lamson product development engineers have outdone themselves on this “super arbor” reel with off-the-chart retrieve rates. They moved the handle closer to the center on an extra-large diameter reel, which acts like adding an extra gear to your reel.
  • The Speedster's narrow spool reduces “line barreling”, a condition on wider spools where more line piles up in the center than the sides of the spool.
  • And of course, you get everything else you expect from Lamson large-arbor reels: unparalleled maintenance-free drag systems and unmatched finish in an incredibly light package.
  • 5 models handle line weights 4 to 10.

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Lamson Speedster Fly Reel


Meet the new pinnacle of true large-arbor reels, the Lamson Speedster.

Back in 1995, Lamson started “a total re-think of the fly reel”, and judging by the Speedster, they haven't stopped yet. Building on the benefits of the large-arbor platform (faster retrieve, constant drag tension, and reduced line coil memory), Lamson went over the top with this super arbor reel that achieves outrageously fast retrieves by moving the handle towards the center of an especially large diameter reel.

Saltwater anglers know that a fast retrieve is critical if you expect to land a fish after a long run. They also know saltwater kills gear. Lamson completely redesigned the drag system to fit inside a sealed housing, safe from the salt. And the Lamson Speedster fly reel sports the company's best-in-class, proprietary Hard Alox aluminum finish, offering enhanced abrasion, impact, and corrosion resistance. Between the ultra-fast retrieve, incredibly smooth braking power of the drag system, and amazing light weight, the Speedster is a reel for all-day fun with tarpon, bonefish, or any freshwater fighter that takes your fly.
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Model Diameter Weight Arbor Size Drag Type Capacity Line Weight Color Price  
Speedster 2 3.75" 4.1 Extra Large Conical WF6 + 100 yd 20# 4, 5, 6 Grey $289.00
Speedster 4 4.8" 8 Extra Large Conical WF10 + 250 yd 30# 10, 11 Grey $399.00