Umpqua Belize/Yucatan Guide Fly Selection

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Umpqua Belize/Yucatan Guide Fly Selection

Christmas Island Special Orange Size 8 (3) Christmas Island Special Pearl Size 8 (3) Squimp Tan Size 8 (2) Crazy Charlie Tan Size 6 (2) Bonefsh Scampi Bead Chain Tan Size 6 (3) Del Brown's Permit Crab Size 2 (1) Flats Crab Lt. Olive Size 4 (1) Flats Crab Tan Size 4 (1) Clouser Minnow Chart/White Size 6 (2) Bonefish Bitters Matthew's Olive Size 8 (2) Bonefish Bitters Hermit Crab Size 8 (2) Mimi Krystal Shrimp Pink/Pearl Size 6 (2) Turnefle Crab Matthew's Cream Size 6 (2) Turnefle Crab Matthew's Olive Size 6 (2) Bonefish Deep Minnow Size 6 (2) Gotcha Pearl Size 6 & 8 (2) Mini Puff Orange Size 6 (2) Total: 34 Flies
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