C&F Marco Polo Fly Tying System

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An incredible set of precision fly tying tools, a travel vise and a hook tray all in one waterproof box that measures just 7.75" x 4.48" x 1.65". The box might be small, but the tools are full size and easy to use. Including in the kit are the Marco Polo Vise; featuring 2-point screw locking jaws which will take #32 - #3/0 hooks. A hidden magnet in the jaws acts as a hook/fly retainer, while an elastomer rubber sheet on the vise base prevents the vise from slipping. This kit is comprised of: Marco Polo Vise, Bobbin threader, 2-in-1 Hair Stacker, 3-in-1 Half Hitch Tool, 2-in-1 Whip Finish Tool, Tying Scissors, Tool Stand, Hair Comb, Bobbin Holder, 3-in-1 Bobbin Kit, 3-in-1 Dubbing Brush, Dubbing Twister Plus, Hackle Pliers, Magnetic Hook Tray, & Bobbin Hanger.

C&F Marco Polo Fly Tying System


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