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  • Hardy Wraith Fly Rod Review

    Posted on July 2, 2015 by Ben F

    We’re kicking off the 2015 review season with one of Hardy’s exciting new fly rod releases: the Hardy Wraith. The Wraith, along with the Zephrus, are replacing the ever popular and award winning Hardy Zenith. The Wraith is advertised as Hardy’s new, ‘Sintrix 550’ rod with a 15% increase in ‘GPA’. I don’t know what that means, but what did strike me, was the Wraith’s listing as “Ultra-fast”. We know most anglers want a rod they can feel in close, so... can the Wraith do it all? → Read More

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  • Scott Tidal Fly Rod Review

    Posted on January 8, 2015 by Ben F

    2014 was not the most exciting year for fly rods. Sure, Sage released the new Salt (which we also reviewed here), but there were no other releases of marquee rods, and nothing that made me rethink my quiver. The three major releases that happened were in the value space – the Tidal, the Nexus, and the Accel (sort of). All three rods define a price-point made in the USA rod for the masses, which is something that we’ve been saying needed to happen for a while now. While I really liked the Nexus, the most game changing of the trio, in my mind, is the Scott Tidal. → Read More

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  • Sage Accel Fly Rod Review

    Posted on July 29, 2014 by Ben F

    Sage’s 2nd most popular rod introduction for 2015 is the all new Accel. The Accel replaces the VXP in Sage’s lineup and is built with Gen 5 technology, just like the old, but still popular, Z-Axis. It’s also green, like the Z-Axis. Since this is the year of re-packaged rods (check out our review on the Winston Nexus), is the Accel a re-packaged Z-Axis?

    We got to try the 590-4 Sage Accel at iCast and decide for ourselves. → Read More

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  • Winston Nexus Fly Rod Review

    Posted on July 27, 2014 by Ben F

    One of the most intriguing new rods for 2015 is the Winston Nexus. Winston discontinued all of their overseas-made rods this year, which included the very popular Passport and VSL, and replaced them with a made-in-the-USA rod at a very attractive price.

    We got a chance to cast the 9’ 5-weight Nexus this year at iCast. → Read More

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  • Sage Salt Fly Rod Review

    Posted on July 21, 2014 by Ben F

    The new Sage SALT Fly Rod is, of course, Sage’s latest and greatest. It replaces the still-good-in-its-own-right, Xi3. It’s always a tall order to replace a rod that people like. Luckily, Jerry Siem had something to fall back on – Konnetic Technology. What is it? Probably some new resin, but I’m no material scientist. What I do know is that it’s produced some pretty great rods so far.

    Calling a fly rod “Salt” is bold. Read on to see if it lives up to it. → Read More

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  • 2014 5-weight Shootout: Fly Rod Review and Test

    Posted on June 1, 2014 by Ben F

    Following the success of our 8-weight reel challenge, we wanted to take on fly rods. Magazines, fly shops, bloggers… virtually everyone has an opinion on which fly rod is best. So, we decided to join the crowd. But, in typical Trident fashion, we’re going to take a different twist on the traditional fly rod review. As always, this shootout will be completely data driven, and we’re going to give you better and more objective results than you’ve seen anywhere else.

    Here’s what we did differently.... → Read More

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  • Clarifying the new G. Loomis Warranty

    Posted on April 14, 2014 by Ben F

    Loomis has always made a fantastic rod, but they’ve been lambasted in the internet for their warranty. For those of you who read the Midcurrent article, it was clear as mud. As was their press release. So, we’ve understandably gotten a lot of questions about this, and wanted to clarify it for our customers. → Read More

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  • Winston Passport Fly Rod Review

    Posted on November 11, 2013 by Josh T

    The Wintson Passport is Winston's (budget minded) fast action rod. It's received a lot of acclaim, not only for its casting ability, but for being out of stock. Everywhere. We've got them! → Read More

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  • Sage Method 7126 Spey Rod Review: The Star Destroyer

    Posted on November 11, 2013 by Ben F

    I took the Method up to Gaspe for the last few days of the season, and was thrilled with its performance – as were the fish. → Read More

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  • Redington Vapen Red Fly Rod Review

    Posted on August 27, 2013 by Ben F

    The Redington Vapen Red represents the single greatest change in fly rod construction since the introduction of carbon fiber. Redington teamed up with Winn (of golf fame) to improve upon one piece of the fly rod that has remained virtually unchanged for 100 years – the grip. They've made it synthetic, and they’re the first major manufacturer to do so. But while the grip is the most noticeable part of the rod, the highlight is how it casts. → Read More

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